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Universal Income for a Sustainable Future, Patrick Danahey (2003), Published by Universal Income Trust 

"The purpose of this book is to provide research and documentation on sustainability and Universal Income Systems. It strives to be process and solution oriented. It outlines the principle problems facing humanity's ability to live in harmony with its natural environment and itself as derived from the United Nations conventions on sustainability. These include war, violence, poverty, pollution, disease, deforestation, biodiversity, energy, population control, food and water issues. It shows how Universal Income Systems act as an essential tool to empower people to be able to effectively work through these problems."

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World of Universal Income, by Patrick Danahey copyright 2016: this is a work in progress exploring the world's traditional UI systems you may download a draft copyrighted Online version here Update 2/12/2016


Videos and Electronic Animated  Presentations [Power Point 2010]


World of Universal Income--animated and static presentations for electronic media (2015)

This cross-cultural historical presentation provides an exploratory overview of Universal Income Systems across the planet from past through present.

Download PowerPoint file for a self-running presentation version for electronic media (2015) here  [For unattended organisational venue displays: Libraries, coffee shops, universities,  community or non-formal education organisations and etc.].

Download PowerPoint file for a manual presentation version for electronic media (2015) here [for presenters, educators, small groups, students and individual use]

Download an Adobe Acrobat File of Presentation here. This is especially for people  with other operating systems that can not even with the PowerPoint viewer/player [see download link below] or otherwise view the presentation on their system.

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Universal Income for a Sustainable Future, C.E.R.E.S. (2003)

This 35 minute video features concepts on income distribution, a TV interview with Patrick Danahey about universal income and sustainability, and benefits of UI systems with the Universal Income Song.

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Online audio recording of a 5 minute contribution by Patrick Danahey to a panel discussion on Economic Democracy at the Social Forum Aotearoa: ASF 2003.mp3

NB: Successful connection to the above audio link is not always possible. It seems to have a very narrow band width and limitations on downloads. You may have to try at different times of the day.



Interview with Patrick Danahey, "Under the Radar", Raglan Radio. Listen to or download the audio at Under the Radar audio archive.

Audio tape: Various radio interviews featuring Christine Sanderson's, "Healthy Environments", Plains FM and Patrick Danahey. For more info contact:




Copyright Policy of Brochures and Translations

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All Brochures and translations listed below for download, unless otherwise explicitly posted by the download link, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means, in general, you can freely download, copy, display and distribute as much of the information or documents as you wish. The limitations are that you do not alter the content or sell the information/resources without prior consent of the cited copyright holder. If you use the information in your own work please correctly attribute the author and source from which you obtained the information.


Universal Income General Brochure - pdf

UI Funding Brochure - pdf

More on Funding - pdf

Sovereignty Brochure - pdf


On-line Translations

Arabic - General Brochure - pdf (2008)

[Please note, the Arabic translation by Nada, above, has not been proofed and put into the standardised brochure format yet. The Principal computer we use to do this is seriously down at this time. However, we have many requests for Arabic translations of our resources and it has been deemed that even in its raw form the quality of her work is excellent. As such we have converted and reformatted it straight into pdf for upload here. The few problems that exist are in the "English" part of it resulting primarily from the conversion process that I used. They will be fixed and updated as son as our principal computer is repaired and we regain access to the appropriate programmes. Thank You--P.D.]

Chinese - General Brochure - pdf (2004)

Chinese - More on Funding - .pdf (2004)

[The "Chinese - More of Funding" brochure is a translation of an earlier version of a Trust brochure (2002) that has since been modified. The translation is still here on this site as the basic principles and concepts illustrated are still valid.]

Japanese - General Brochure - pdf (2004)

Korean - General Brochure - pdf (2004)

Spanish - General Brochure - pdf (2007)

Spanish - UI Funding Brochure - pdf  (2007)

Spanish - More on Funding - pdf (2007)


More Non-English Translations Available: Off-site via Email or Post

Volunteer translators have graciously offered their services to translate UIT resources. We now have resources translated into Arabic, Chinese, Cantonese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Slovakian, Spanish, and Tongan  Languages. The Trust would like to thank the following people for making it possible to begin sharing these ideas and open them up for discussion, debate, modification and development throughout the various non-English speaking cultures:


bulletBlazova, Iveta; Aotearoa NZ--Slovakian Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure


bulletBonness, Ronja;  Aotearoa NZ-- German Translator
bulletGerman General Brochure


bulletCantus, Marjolaine; France--French Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure new
bulletUI Funding Brochure
bulletMore on Funding Brochure


bulletGuettier, Elizabeth; Pornichet, France--French Translator
bulletEarly UUI Position Paper that was used as a guideline for the development of UIT.


bulletIshikawa, Yuka;  Japan--Japanese Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure and UIT Background paper


bulletLatreche, Nessim; France--French Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure


bulletLee, Karin: Hong Kong--Cantonese (Chinese) Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure


bulletLi, Zhi; China--Chinese Translator
bulletBackground Information


bulletMahler, Doris;  Aotearoa NZ--German Translator
bulletEarly UUI Position Paper that was used as a guideline for the development of UIT.


bulletMauricio A. López Langenbach; Aotearoa NZ--Spanish Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure; Brochure 2--"Funding"; and Brochure 3--"More on funding"


bulletPang, Dongrui; Aotearoa NZ--Chinese Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure and Brochure 2--"Funding"


bulletSahib, Nada Abdul-Adheem; Aotearoa NZ—Arabic Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure


bulletTukia, Taina; Aotearoa NZ--Tongan Translator
bulletGeneral Brochure



bulletYang, Sookja; Jeju, Korea--Korean Translator  
bulletGeneral Brochure 



These will soon be made directly available for download on this site and are available now by contacting us at the addresses below.

If you have the ability and would like to help translate UIT Brochure(s) and/or other materials into non-english languages please contact us at

We are always seeking additional space for further development of this site and for repositories of resources. If you have addtional--free--space, that you would like to offer then please contact us.



United Nations Conventions

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights  Direct PDF Download;  Website: UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Equal Remuneration Convention

Convention against Discrimination in Education

Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities

Convention (No. 169) concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace

Abolition of Forced Labour Convention

Forced Labour Convention


United Nations Resolutions

A/RES/53/144: Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Article 8

1. Everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to have effective access, on a non-discriminatory basis, to participation in the government of his or her country and in the conduct of public affairs.

2. This includes, inter alia, the right, individually and in association with others, to submit to governmental bodies and agencies and organizations concerned with public affairs criticism and proposals for improving their functioning and to draw attention to any aspect of their work that may hinder or impede the promotion, protection and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Article 10

No one shall participate, by act or by failure to act where required, in violating human rights and fundamental freedoms and no one shall be subjected to punishment or adverse action of any kind for refusing to do so.

Article 11

Everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to the lawful exercise of his or her occupation or profession. Everyone who, as a result of his or her profession, can affect the human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of others should respect those rights and freedoms and comply with relevant national and international standards of occupational and professional conduct or ethics.

 General Assembly Resolution 1803 (XVII) of 14 December 1962, "Permanent sovereignty over natural resources"


Slide Show Presentations in HTML

NZ Income Distribution

The Green Line of Sustainability

A UI Funding Principle Demo

Taxation- Who really Pays



General and Background: UI Systems

Conerence paper for the 10th congress of the Basic Income Earth Network's The Right to a Basic Income: Egalitarian Democracy within the framework of the Dialogue on Human Rights, Emerging Needs, and New Commitments of the Universal Forum of Cultures at the International Convention Center Barcelona, 18-21 September 2004:Education and the Democratic Sovereignty of the People - A Human Rights Approach Towards Introducing and Entrenching the Full Integration and Implementation of a Universal Income Beyond the Duration of Elected Governments

Universal Income Systems and Democratic Sovereignty (1997) - pdf 

UUI/UBI - a Revolution of Consciousness (1998) - pdf 

Russell, Bertrand- Proposed Roads to Freedom- Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism

A GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME? FROM MINCOME TO THE MILLENNIUM Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson From the Institute for Research on Public Policy: PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


United Nations Human Development Report 1999

World Bank: Income Distribution Statistics PDF format Download Acrobat Reader free

Chomsky, Noam- Necessary Illusions- Thought Control in Democratic Societies

Chomsky, Noam- The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many

Chomsky, Noam- Secrets, Lies and Democracy

Thoreau, Henry David,  On Civil Disobedience