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Welcome to the Networks Page 

This page's purpose is to call your attention to issues and updates that are happening within the UI Networks. Additionally it is a place for people to share and express themselves on the diversity of Issues related to Human/Economic Rights, and Sustainability: UI Systems 

See the Events link for current workshops, seminars, events and other happenings. See the Creative Commons Pages for sharing your own as well as browsing through others creative expressions.

The HR 2000 page has a display on the "Human Rights 2000, a Festival for Change" celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Aotearoa NZ.

Three people who were organisers for this event received sponsorship for the concept of the HR 2000 event in context of Universal Income Systems. They had the opportunity to travel around the world networking and providing workshops on Universal Income Systems and Human Rights. They have brought back to Aotearoa libraries of film footage, recordings, research and contacts for the Universal Income Trust and the overall HR 2000 project in general. Stay tuned for the display and stories you can see one of the pictures brought back on the Back ground Page.