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UBINZ Universal Basic Income New Zealand

BINZ New basic Income group in New Zealand: check them out!

Jobs letter Good papers on NZ economy

Statistics New Zealand

 New Zealand I999 Official Statistics Year Book

Keith Rankin's Article on Income gap In NZ

Child Poverty Action Group

Myths About Poverty in Aotearoa




BIEN Basic Income Earth Network [formally Basic Income European Network]

Basic Income Belgium 

Canadian Social Research

BIGA Basic Income Guarantee Australia

USBIG US Basic Income Guarantee

Freelives Canadian Citizens Income

CI Citizens Income UK

Ireland and C.O.R.I

Comhaontas Glas Irish greens Alternative Economics Basic Income

LIFE (Livable Income for Everybody) - Victoria, BC

United Nation's International Human Rights Instruments Archives

Income Gap in America Congressman Sabo

AFL-CIO Executive Paywatch

World Democracy Network


Other articles and sites

link to Senator Suplicy's speech on The Approval of the Citizenís Basic Income Bill in Brazil. This speech was presented to the Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford, at the Conference on Overcoming Social Exclusion, Brazil Comparative Perspective, on June, 22,2004.

Brazilian Senator Eduardo Suplicy Interview, Interview by Karl Widerquist, USBIG, economist at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. Senator Suplicy is a strong advocate of an unconditional basic income for all Brazalians.  

The paradox of money, by Cindy L'Hirondelle, SWAG

Marshall Brain, Article on $25000/year stipend. See also Marshall Brain's article Robotic Nation 

Poverty is a human rights violation by Gwen Brodsky and Shelagh Day - The Poverty and Human Rights Project


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