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This page will be closed soon as the purposes for UUI Action which was established in the beginning of the 1990's, have largely been achieved. It was a political organisation whose aims were to promote the inculcation of human and economic rights laws into Aotearoa NZ. It's focus was on helping raise the unconditional minimum standard of living for all. As these laws are now ratified, put into force, and incorporated into statute laws across the bulk of the appropriate sectors of society, it is now in the hands of the people. They have to educate themselves to understand their true meaning, abide by them, and further develop them into practice across the diversity of Aotearoa society.

Just having the laws in place does not mean that they are or will be immediately realised into practice without further effort. There are still outdated laws and archaic practices grounded in discriminatory and corrupt ideologies that need to be challenged personally, professionally, and through the judicial system. This leap from law to their adherence into practice is primarily an educational issue. The responsibility of education falls on everyone who understands them to help others gain the skills and requisite knowledge about them. Even though they are mandated to be taught throughout our education system, functional illiteracy in these laws are still rife throughout our system. This includes the educational professional, business, economic, environmental, legal and governmental sectors of society. In short, the adherence into practice of human and economic rights laws are primarily an educational issue that ultimately rests with the people.  The next stage of the work has already begun.